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AdTarget Ad Server works on CPM pricing model. The price is for ad impressions, not server requests and it already includes all you need:

  • CDN and traffic cost
  • Complete Targeting options
  • All ad types and formats
  • Enhanced analytics and real-time reporting
  • API access
  • Support 24/7
  • Full white label (available at monthly turnover 100M+)
  • Team management suite (available at monthly turnover 100M+)

Let the numbers speak for themselves:


years' experience in adtech


server response time


ad requests per second


server uptime

Ad formats

AdServer supports all known ad types and formats

  • Online video advertising has many shapes and forms, from video spot in player (in-stream) to video ads placed inside news feeds or articles (out-stream).

  • Images or HTML blocks which you may see in most of websites and mobile apps. Most popular display ad formats are smartphone banner 300x50, medium rectangle 300×250, Leaderboard 728×90, portrait 300×600 and billboard 970×250.

  • Ads which follow the form of the context where they placed and don’t interrupt user experience. Become very popular in a wake of ad blockers. Usually represented by image and textual fields headline and description. But new forms of native advertising may contain video, company logo and other elements.

  • Dying out yet very powerful ad format mainly used on desktop. Ad material filling the empty space surrounding the content area of the website. Due to high visibility this format has well expressed image effect and response rate.

  • This format has many names, aka zero-click, clickunder, popunder. Very easy to implement – all you need is a landing page. It works great for products and services with impulsive purchase decision.

  • Advertorial push notifications sent to mobile devices and desktop browsers. Generate very high response due to personalized 1:1 delivery channel and high visibility. Push ads have similar requirements to promo materials as Native ads containing one extra image field for company logo.

Dynamic creative out of the box

Universal feed parser allows to make ads from any JSON/XML feed, including but not limited to Google Merchant Center, Facebook Products, Shopify, Betconstruct, Skyscanner, OpenWeather and many more.

Readymade templates - spend less time on ad design and trafficking while keeping creatives evergreen and CTR high.

    Advanced targeting capabilities

    available without extra charge



    Regions and cities
    IP ranges
    Impression/click audience collection
    External tracking
    Domains and domain zones
    Sections and pages
    Page Titles
    Push subscription age
    Video skip button time-out (vast)

    Full data ownership

    Collect 1st and 2nd party audiences based on interactions with the media you buy, owned channels and your product. Use it the way you want: segment, retarget, personalize, cross- and up-sell, suppress.

    AdServer is integrated with other martech platforms

    Voluum tracker
    Accelerated Mobile Pages
    Adobe Analytics
    Google Tag Manager
    Google Analytics

    S2S conversion tracking for your advantage

    • Fast and secure
      your website loads faster, you decide which data to pass to Ad Server
    • No need in pixel implementation
      fewer tags - fewer breaches in your product integrity
    • Easy set-up
      doesn't require a programmer or special tech knowledge
    • Unlimited conversion events
      don't compromise on measuring performance
    • Custom conversions
      track any event that matters for your business

    Switch on the power of automation

    Rotation AI

    Show the best performing ad more

    Sequential ads

    Retarget users who have seen certain ads already

    Scheduled events

    Activate ads on specific dayparts, weekdays, or custom periods

    Realtime reports

    To help you make fast and right decisions


    • Customizable dashboards for holistic performance overview at glance
    • Full scope of media metrics (Audience reach, Impressions, CTR, CPM) and performance KPI (Conversion rate, CPA, Revenue, ROAS)
    • Custom calculated metrics
    • Set of dimensions adjustable to match specifics of your business
    • Full API access and CSV export for integration with 3p BI tools.
    • Affiliate marketers

      Advanced targeting, AI traffic distribution optimizer, s2s postbacks and many more features to help you always play a plus

    • Sales houses and ad networks

      Advanced reselling tools, media margin management, direct and auction based deals are here to help your media business thrive

    • iGaming

      Safe s2s conversion tracking, dynamic creatives, retargeting and many more features to attract new players and retain existing ones

    • Publishers

      Full 1st party data ownership, private auctions, 1st look and other tools to max out revenue from your inventory

    • E-commerce

      Product ads, rich media ad templates, cross-platform and cookie-less retargeting to boost up your sales

    • Fintech

      Secure dedicated server, pixel-less conversion tracking, 1st and 2nd party data targeting, CPA and ROAS optimization are at your disposal

    Configure your pricing plan

    Base AdServer Package

    • CDN and Traffic
    • Full Targeting Options
    • All Ad Types and Formats
    • Enhanced Analytics
    • Real-time Reporting
    • API Access
    • Support 24/7

    White Label

    • Parking on Own Domain
    • Own Logo
    • Own Styles

    Team Management

    • Unlimited Admin Users
    • Unlimited Security Groups
    • Unlimited User Groups

    Configure your plan

    $ 199 / Month

    Monthly impressions volume

    Monthly impressions volume
    Display Impressions
    Display Impressions

    Additional Display Impressions Cost: 

    $ 0.05 CPM

    Video impressions
    Video impressions

    Additional Video Impressions Cost: 

    $ 0.25 CPM

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